Love, Joy, Peace...

Pastor Steve was the founding pastor of Bible Baptist Church of Colson, Ky. He and Cindy served there for nearly 10 years with a wonderful group of faithful saints. Afterwards, in January of 1994, they were asked to come to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and establish a church with some folks who had been meeting for a few months. This new church was chartered in early 1994, and Pastor and Cindy have served together with the church family to the present day. Through all these years of blessings and troubles, medical problems, and everyday life, the church family has shown its love for Jesus Christ and the Bible and put those into practice with grace and charity.

The Church family has graciously allowed Pastor Steve to continue his education and he has two earned doctorates from seminaries; a Doctor of Ministry and a PhD in Theology.

Due to a genetic muscle disease, Pastor sometimes requires help from his service dog. When he is doing well, she is off harness and greets everyone as they come to church services.

Eastern Shore Bible Baptist Church, Galena, MD
13984 Gregg Neck Road, Galena, MD 21635
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